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Almaty, Kazakhstan: A British man has been arrested on suspicion of killing an infant reported to be his daughter in a five-star hotel in Kazakhstan, a court spokesman said on Monday.

A court in the former capital Almaty ruled that a British citizen be held in pre-trial detention, the spokesman told AFP.

"The court ordered the British citizen arrested for two months on suspicion of murder," he said.

A senior staff member at the Intercontinental Hotel in Almaty said that a girl "around one year old" was "severely injured" in one of the guest rooms last week.

"An ambulance came to the hotel. (Medical staff) were able to recover her heartbeat but she later died in one of the hospitals in the city," Aliya Dauletova told AFP.

"Police arrested her father on suspicion of causing the injuries," Dauletova added.

The court spokesman could not confirm that the girl was the man's daughter as has been widely reported in local media but confirmed the girl was an infant.

The man faces up to 15 years in prison.

The British embassy did not immediately issue a comment.