Pizza Image Credit: Pixabay

Recently, a burglar broke into a pizza parlour in California, got hungry, and made himself a pizza before stealing some cash and fleeing in the delivery car. A video has gone viral in the US, which later helped the police catch the thief. The incident took place in Fullerton town in California.

Here's the video:

"Have you heard of the Hamburglar?" Well, meet Pizza Burglar! The Fullerton Police Department (FPD) wrote while sharing the video.

Reportedly, the burglar who was later identified as Oscar Sanchez had broken into a pizza place named 'Big Slice Pizza.' Taking a break from all the rummaging, he put on gloves and started to make a pizza for himself!

While talking to the news outlets store manager, Rafael Calles said: "Maybe he was hungry.

"It's kind of funny, but it's not nice," he added, saying it had happened to them for the first time in 17 years. He mentioned that they had to close the store the day after the incident.

Local police said the burglar "had the audacity not only to break in but also to steal their tablets and money" and take all the keys to the store, then drive away with their delivery car.

There were hilarious hashtags as well, such as 'Not your Average Home Slice,' 'Dirty Dough,' 'Take a slice outta crime,' and many more. Netizens were in splits when they saw the post. An Instagram user, Marc commented: "All for the love of pizza,".

A week later, the thief was identified, located and arrested by the Fullerton Police Department.