Redditor shares excel sheet shared by her sister's ex-boyfriend, demanding to repay him
Redditor shares excel sheet shared by her sister's ex-boyfriend, demanding to repay him Image Credit: Reddit/@ohtheplacesyoullnap

Last week, a Los Angeles woman shocked the internet when she asked for legal advice on Reddit after her sister's ex-boyfriend sent her an Excel spreadsheet, demanding she pays him back all the money he spent on her over two years. The cost of items, which included things like fries and parking, totals $1,134.65 (Dh4,167.57).

According to the Redditor's post on February 8, the man even threatened legal action if his ex-girlfriend refused to pay the amount.

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"My sister’s ex-boyfriend has sent her an excel spreadsheet of an itemised list of things he paid for during their two-year relationship. Like, down to cents... $1.08 (Dh6.61) at a popular fast-food joint. The total is $1,134.65," wrote Reddit user @ohtheplacesyoullnap, in a sub-Reddit forum called @legaladvice, on behalf of her sister.

She asked: "He is now threatening legal action if she doesn’t pay. Is this possible?"

The Reddit thread quickly went viral, with Redditors calling the man petty and his list outrageous. Many explained to the person who posted the question that it would not be possible for the man to sue his ex-girlfriend, because the items would be considered gifts in a court of law.

The user also shared the excel sheet on the thread to double-check whether the ex-boyfriend had any legal standing.

Commenters suggested that the Redditor's sister just block this guy and not continue any form of communication with him. Many also explained to the sisters that they won't get into legal trouble.

Redditor @PlutoTheGod wrote: "Go figure the guy who’s cheap enough to keep an expenditure spreadsheet is also the one to spend less than $50 (Dh183.64) a month on his girlfriend. There’s absolutely nothing he can do legally and the cost of getting a lawyer would be more than his damages."

"Pettiness off the charts. Tell her block this guy, he's got no legal recourse," wrote @jjb5151.

Another user @NukeEngineerStudent replied: "All of those purchases would be classified as gifts, and he does not expect to be paid back. You’re in the clear,"