Video: Man teaches grandma how to use a Smart TV, goes viral
Video: Man teaches grandma how to use a Smart TV, goes viral Image Credit: Screengrab from TikTok/@willdonayrehart

A video of a young man patiently teaching his grandmother how to use a smart television (TV) won the hearts of internet users across the globe this week. Netizens are calling the video “heartwarming” and “wholesome”.

The video that was originally posted on TikTok on February 1 was later re-posted by social media users across other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Sharing the video, Florida-based TikTok user Will Donayre Hart (@willdonayrehart) wrote: “Grandmas… New 75-inch TCL Smart TV, got Comcast internet installed, and teaching her how to use Netflix.”

The video clip shows Hart explaining to his grandmother how to scroll and select two OTT (over-the-top) platforms, Prime Video and Netflix, on the new smart TV.

He patiently guides her, as she scrolls down and selects Netflix. Off camera, another woman, who seems to be the one recording the video, sounds excited as the grandmother successfully manages to do so.

The video quickly went viral and received over 5.5 million views since being posted.

A Twitter user, @notcapnamerica, received another 5.8 million views when he re-shared the video on Twitter the next day with the caption: “How do I sign my parents up for this tutorial?”

The video left netizens impressed. Many people said they appreciated how Hart patient was with the elderly woman.

TikTok user Resse Brown posted: “This is exactly how we need to teach people with patience.”

And, Jai C wrote: “This is the best thing. Can you teach my dad?”

Reddit user @Just_Transportation4 wrote: “I love how he’s [….] straightforward and patient. Older people didn’t grow up with this stuff.”

Meanwhile, sharing her own experience, @MissSara13 wrote: “My 78-year-old mum requires some kind of technological support at least twice a week. My favorite recent issue was that she forgot that I had given her logins and profiles on three streaming services. She had subscribed through Amazon to all three, and we cleared it all up yesterday. My favorite is when she calls to ask me what her Wi-Fi password is!”

Another Redditor @suddenlycumbly commented: “I live with my 72-year-old mother-in-law, and these are crucial communication skills. Once she figures it out, she's good to go.”