margherita pizza
Margherita pizza Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

How far would you travel for a slice of pizza? When Callum Ryan, a UK-based content creator wanted to order a slice of pizza, he found the cost so high that he got on a plane to Italy for a lesser cost, instead.

Ryan’s unique approach has gone viral on social media.

The vlogger who travelled to Milan from London shared a video of the trip with the caption: "Do you think the pizza was worth the trip? I can't believe how close it was..."

On his Instagram post, he shared that a medium pizza from a popular pizza chain in London usually costs him £19.99 (Dh88.10), exclusive of delivery charges.

So, he set himself on a challenge of getting on a flight to Milan and eating a pizza on a tight budget of £19.99.

In the viral Instagram post, Ryan shared his experience of relishing a pizza in Italy at a much lesser cost.

Ryan explained that he bought a last-minute flight ticket from London to Milan for just £8 (Dh35.22) and then went to a pizzeria. There he had a Margherita pizza which cost him 11 Euros or £9.82 (Dh35.22), including table service. He paid a total of £17.72 (Dh78) for the complete trip, which was less than the cost of the pizza he planned to order in London.

The video concludes with him enjoying a tour of the city and the pizza.

On Instagram, the video has gathered 50,000 views and netizens are in awe. Many re-shared Ryan’s posts on other social media platforms.

Twitter user, @TerryExSci, commented: “Even the smallest pizzerias in Italy, on the corners of buildings, selling a margarita pizza slice for 2€ (Dh7.87) are better than what we get in the UK.... Milan is my favourite city in the world.”

An Instagram user @_anny90 commented: "Dear friend, I advise you to repeat your experiment. But come to Naples, which is the homeland of pizza. You've never eaten anything tastier. Believe me, you'll pay much less."