grump 1
Meet Luna, the baby grump Image Credit: Instagram/justinetuhyphoto

Ohio: When photographer Juntine Tuhy was assigned to take the first pictures of a two-week-old infant in Westerville, Ohio, she wasn’t quite expecting the assignment to be marked by stares, yet that’s what she got. A set of bright, untrusting eyeballs looked awake, alert and occasionally annoyed as she clicked away. The result: not what you’d call a typical baby photo catalogue – but something just as cute.

The photos of the grumpy child has been going viral since they were posted on Tuhy’s social media account.

She captioned the first image, where Luna – wrapped in green and on a woven basket – offers a one-eye-wide stare, “Two weeks new... Luna!! She wasn’t impressed with this whole newborn photo session thing so she wanted to be awake and watch my every move!”

In another photo, where baby Luna is pursuing her lips, looking disbelieving, she writes: “These might just be the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured! Mom and Dad both said she came out with this same face! I just love it!”

Instagram lovers were quick to sing praise of the young one, with one user, with the handle scoutmdavis, commenting: “The sass is strong with this one.”

Tuhy, the photographer, was quoted by Fox News as saying that in spite of the look, the baby wasn’t fussy during her shoot. “She was completely content,” Tuhy said.

Luna’s father, Christian Musa, told ABC news that she’s “either mean-mugging non stop-or just unimpressed”.

Whatever the reality, Luna's fame is certainly reaching for the stars.