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A family of five lost their lives in Saudi Arabia after they were involved in head-on collision with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Image Credit: Pexels

Plant City, Florida: Florida police are investigating the theft of a car that was carrying $10,000 worth of COVID-19 vaccine.

The Plant City Police Department said Thursday that it is searching for a man suspected of having stolen the vehicle with 30 vials inside that had parked near a vaccination site in the city where Florida's winter strawberries are harvested.

The police incident report says the gray Hyundai Accent had been left with the engine running and unlocked by a driver who worked for CDR Maguire, a contractor that had been providing vaccination scheduling and COVID-19 testing. The report does not mention the car had anything identifying it as an official health or company vehicle.

Police said the driver had gotten out of the car to ask for instructions on where to go, news outlets reported. Police have said the 21-year-old driver is not considered a suspect.

The incident report said the doses, a cooler and the compound agent were stolen, but it is not clear how the vaccines were being stored. It also was unclear if the car was targeted because it was carrying vaccine.