Flagstaff, Arizona: A 24-year-old police officer and a suspect died after the latter opened fire as the officer came looking for him before turning the gun on himself.

Officer Tyler Stewart, 24, died at Flagstaff Medical Centre after he was shot by the suspect in a domestic violence case, police said.

Stewart was on the lookout for the suspect on Saturday afternoon in the 800 block of West Clay Street when a man identified as Robert W. Smith, 28, of Prescott, fired several shots at the officer, police said. The suspect then shot himself dead, police said.

Stewart was taken to Flagstaff Medical Centre in critical condition and died later, police said.

Stewart had worked at the department for less than a year, police said.

“This is an enormous tragedy for our department and the family of our officer. We are a very close knit organisation, and know that all members of the Flagstaff Police Department are grieving at this time. With that being said, all of the men and women of the Flagstaff Police Department extend our prayers and condolences to the family of our officer Tyler Stewart,” Chief Kevin Treadway said in a statement.

“It is heartbreaking to lose one of our officers,” Mayor Jerry Nabours said. “We collectively mourn for his family and the entire department.”