Raziya Rasool, 59, was hospitalised in December 2016

DubaI: A longtime Dubai resident is seeking help to clear the hospital dues of his wife who has been in coma for nearly two years.

Pakistani expat Raziya Rasool, 59, who suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure was rushed to the hospital in December 2016 following a brain haemorrhage and multiple organ failure.

Since then, the woman has racked up over Dh200,000 in medical bills.

Her husband Mohammad Iqbal, 64, who retired from his job as an air conditioning mechanic, said he has no means to fork out the "astronomical" amount.

Savings exhausted

“I have been in the UAE for over four decades but have exhausted all my savings on her treatment. I have three sons but only one of them is employed. He earns Dh3,200 per month which is barely enough,” he added.

Iqbal said he can’t afford his wife’s treatment and wants to fly her to his home country. “When I visit her in the hospital she responds to her name by blinking. It’s agonising to see her in this condition. She underwent renal transplant therapy last year but her condition hasn’t improved. The doctors say they don’t know when she would recover. I want to fly her to my home country. Unfortunately, I can’t do that until I pay the hospital bill,” he said.

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