Mahzooz draw presenter Aishwarya
Mahzooz draw is said to attract a large number of Indians every week. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Winners from India predominantly overtook Mahzooz’s 111th Super Saturday draws held on January 14 with 434 Indians making it into the second and third prize classification as well as the raffle draw category.

A total of Dh1,644,400 was distributed among 22 winners from various nationalities who shared the second prize of Dh1,000,000, and 984 other participants who received the third prize of Dh350 as well as the three Indian raffle prize winners who were awarded Dh100,000 each.

“Indian participants make up the largest customer base for Mahzooz and last week’s draws were a reflection of this reality,” said Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, managing operator of Mahzooz.

“As many as 43 per cent of last week’s winners were Indians who participated from within and outside the UAE,” he added.

The winning raffle IDs of 28169205, 28067027, and 27950501 belonged to Mohamed, Sooryajith and Santhosh, respectively.

Mohamed, a 33-year-old electrical engineer and father of two, is excited about repaying his debts and looks forward to returning home to settle down with his family. Despite being a regular participant of Mahzooz, Mohamed admits that receiving the email from Mahzooz informing him of his big win came as a pleasant surprise. His dream now is to win the Dh10 million Mahzooz top prize so that he can start his own business.

Sooryajith, a 29-year-old technician, intends to use his prize money to build a dream home in India. “I was shocked when my friend called me to tell me that I had won. I was driving with my colleagues when I received my friend’s call, and I was shocked at first. I pulled over, checked my Mahzooz account, and saw that the money had been credited to it. I remember screaming out in joy,” Sooryajith recalls of the life-changing experience.

Like his fellow compatriots, Santhosh, a 39-year-old expat who has been living in Oman for 13 years, is thrilled with his good fortune, and is determined to use the prize money to purchase a plot of land back home after paying off his liabilities. “I participate in Mahzooz every week because I believe that winning with Mahzooz is possibly the only way I can change my life, and this new found fortune is going to do just that for me and my family,” the mechanic said.