Jumeirah Park residents
Jumeirah Park Dubai residents (clockwise from top left): Ambika Krishnan and Ram Srinivasan, Melissa Malik, Layal Jabbour and Mark Cardozo. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Jumeirah Park is is a popular location in “New Dubai”. Residents here love the space, the green landscape and a sense of community that exists in the development.

This is why despite the temptation to sell their properties owing to a massive price appreciations in the last few years, residents say they don’t like leaving the community.

Take Lebanese expat Layal Jabbour, 35, for one. The mother of two, who also works as a property consultant in Dubai, lives in Legacy Large with her husband and two children in a four-bedroom villa. It is spread across 7,000 sq.ft.,

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Layal Jabbour in her Jumeirah Park Home in Dubai.

“As a property consultant, I closely monitor the property prices in Jumeirah Park, which have increased since Covid-19. The demand for Jumeirah Park continues to be very high while the supply is relatively low.”

There are so many schools and nurseries around which make it so convenient for parents like us.

- Layal Jabbour, Jumeirah Park resident

Besides the price, Jabbour is happy with the convenience the area offers. “There are so many schools and nurseries around which make it so convenient for parents like us.”

Eight districts

Mark Cardozo, Property Floor Manager ALMIR, said: “Jumeirah Park consists of eight districts and has seen a 17 per cent increase in prices for home owners in third quarter of 2023. There are four types of villas in Jumeirah Park Legacy, Regional, Legacy Nova and Heritage.

"These villas have a hint of traditional 17th century Arabic architecture with geometric designs. It is home to three, four and five-bedroom villas with swimming pools, beautiful gardens, private terraces and double garages.”

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Mark Cardozo

Cardozo said: “With three to five-bedroom homes, prices range from Dh4 million up to Dh12 million. Rents range from Dh300,000 per annum to Dh600,000 per annum. Jumeirah Park is home to over 5,000 residents and promises great community living.”

City within a city

British expat Melissa Malik, 42, is another happy resident in the area. Malik said the asking price for her three-bedroom villa is around double the price of what they bought it for back in 2013.

“We bought our villa - spanning a plot size of 7,000 sq.ft and built up area of 3,100 sq.ft – for Dh3.5 million back in 2013. Today the asking price is around Dh7 million.”

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Melissa Malik in her Jumeirah Park home.

Malik said the family has no plans to sell though. “We love it here. And this place has been home for over 10 years. When we first got here, I could not find my way home. I would get lost every time as the road networks were not developed as much. Today, the community has developed so much. And it now feels that we are residing in a very central location.

We love it here. And this place has been home for over 10 years. When we first got here, I could not find my way home.

- Melissa Malik, Jumeirah Park resident

“We have amazing parks, –basketball, football and tennis courts. Everything is just minutes away. Different gyms are close-by. There are several nice cafes. The supermarkets, clinics, schools are all here. We live in a city within a city.”

Property price spike

“We never expected our property price would almost double. We cannot think of moving away. There are many memories attached here and we love it here,” Malik said.

She added that the community members are also helpful to one another.

“The community has grown together and are connected on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. We do community walks. There is a support group for mums and babies and wellness. The Jumeirah Park group is also so active. We have one group for each district.”

Earliest residents

Indian expat couple Ram Srinivasan and Ambika Krishnan recall how amenities in the area back in 2013 when they moved was far and few. The couple living in a three-bedroom property in Legacy Large said their villa is spread across 6,400 sq.ft with a built up area of around 4,000 sq.ft

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Ambika Krishnan (left) and Ram Srinivasan in their Jumeriah Park home in Dubai on 23rd October, 2023. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Srinivasan said the family wasone of the earliest residents to live in the area. “We have been in Jumeirah Park since 2013 and one of the first residents to move into district seven. Now we are touching 10 years in the community. The community has grown right in front of our eyes.”

“Shopping was only at Meadows Town Centre Spinneys earlier. Now, there are so many places to shop close-by.”

Krishnan said access to and from the community has widened. “One of the biggest advantages of living in Jumeirah Park is the connectivity and access. It is very close to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road.”

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A villa in Jumeirah Park in Dubai. Image Credit: Clint Egbert / Gulf News

“Another thing I like about this community is that the lighting. There is ample parking as well. When we host a party and have guests over, we don’t have any issues.

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Image Credit: Clint Egbert / Gulf News


Jumeirah Park is located close to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). It can be accessed from Garn Al Sabkha Street (D59) as well. As for public transportation in the community, the DMCC metro station is closest. The nearest bus route is F31 close to Meadows 6 bus stop.

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Pictures of residence in Jumeriah Park in Dubai on 23rd October, 2023. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Retail offerings

There are a host of retail shops inside the community at the Jumeirah Park pavillion and Jumeirah Park East pavilion. The Carrefour market is inside the pavilion. Other supermarkets close to Jumeirah Park District 2 are Spinneys in Meadows Town Centre and Choithrams and Waitrose in The Meadows Village.

Schools and nurseries

As for schools and nurseries, there is a Redwood Montessori Nursery in Jumeirah Park East Pavilion. As well, the Dubai British School is located in Jumeirah Park District 5.

Clinics and hospitals

The Medicentres Jumeirah Park is the most suitable option since it is situated in Jumeirah Park Pavilion. The Mediclinic Meadows and Mediclinic Springs are located close-by. Medcare Hospital and Saudi German Hospital are closeby as well.