Kim Kardashian during one of her visits to Dubai. Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: A five-star Dubai hotel has beefed up security and it’s because of its much sought after bathrobes, according to a video released by its management.

The 38-second clip by Atlantis The Palm takes a dig at American celeb Kim Kardashian after she recently admitted to nicking one of the robes from her suite during her stay at the luxury hotel.

“Due to recent events, Atlantis, The Palm’s ‘fluffy, white bathrobes’ are now in such high demand, that we’ve had to increase security. Thank you @kimkardashian ;) #securetherobe #atlantisthepalm,” says a post accompanied by a video on the hotel’s Instagram account.

The spoof video shows a woman sneaking out of the hotel with a prized robe before she’s stopped by two men in black.

In a candid confession on her website, the reality TV star had earlier said that one of her favourite things about staying in hotels were the ‘big, fluffy white robes they put in the rooms’ and that robes at the Dubai-based ocean-themed resort were amongst the world’s best. “Anyone who’s traveled with me knows I’m OBSESSED, lol. I’ll even admit, sometimes I take the robes from my fave accommodations, like the Atlantis in Dubai (So sorry! I stole two! LOL!) and the Montage in Beverly Hills, because they literally have the best ones (sic),” she revealed.

The hotel may have taken the matter lightly but, if the video is anything to go by, the hotel security is keeping a close watch on the $306 (Dh1,225) bathrobes - each of which features cote de cheval weaving with green piping on the chest and are made specially for Atlantis by luxury French linen brand D. Porthault. “The Aqua colour is exclusive to the resort. There are two styles to choose from but the Atlantis one is Kim’s favourite,” a spokesperson of the hotel told XPRESS on Wednesday.

Apparently it’s not just Kim who has a liking for the luxury French brand. Other famous personalities who have used the famous linen reportedly include Charles de Gaulle, Sir Winston Churchill, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Windsor amongst a host of political leaders and luminaries in fashion and cinema.


Special promotion:

If you want to cuddle up in Kim’s favourite robe, Atlantis is offering a stay in the Kardashians favourite signature suites from $2,572 (Dh9,500) per night until December 21. As part of the promotion, each guest will receive $680 to spend around the resort. XPRESS, however, couldn’t get a comment from the hotel management on whether one could keep the robe.