Damac Hills rain
Damac Hills Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News

What you need to know:

  • Abu Dhabi Police urge vigilance on the roads
  • Temperatures will cool down on Monday and Tuesday.
  • The NCM issued a warning to residents heading towards the coast.
  • Residents can expect slight mist on Wednesday morning.

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain hit different parts of the UAE overnight on Sunday to Monday, as a storm brought severe weather to the country.

Events were cancelled and warnings issued as residents were advised to stay inside wherever possible.

Pictures showed lightning, low visbility, high winds and rain. See the reaction to the storm below.

Update: Dubai Police tweeted on their official handle, urging caution when heading to the beach.

Meanwhile, the Sharjah police also sent across a notice of caution to the emirate's residents.

Alert sent out by Sharjah police Image Credit: Sharjah Police

In the Gulf News office - as all across Dubai - an alert rang out. Dubai Police notified residents and travellers alike to be careful on the roads.

Dubai police warning
Dubai Police sends out a warning Image Credit: Gulf News

Lightning strikes at Dubai's Damac hills as the city is peppered with rain.

Damac Hills rain
Damac Hills Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai Police also urged caution in a tweet. 

Some fitness programmes across Dubai have been closed because of the 'potential storm'. The official Dubai Fitness Challenge Twitter account named the following affected spots: DIFC, DMCC Park, Palm Jumeirah and Kite Beach.

The Ministry of Interior and Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents and motorists to stay homes and take precautions while driving due to inclement weather conditions in different parts of the country.

Strong winds and rains dropped visibility level in different parts of the country on Sunday, which prompted authorities to caution people.

Sandstorm in Abu dhabi. Abu Hamdan, Abu Dhabi resident
Rain along Shaikh Zayed Road Evangeline Jose/Gulf News

A ministry tweet said, "Severe winds and dust on different parts of the country. We call on drivers to take caution."

Abu Dhabi rain
Rain in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

"Due to bad weather stay indoors and please don't go outside, the Abu Dhabi Police said through spreading test messages on people's mobile phones."

Parts of Abu Dhabi is witnessing strong rain along with winds. Relative humidity in Abu Dhabi is 80 per cent.

Abu Dhabi Police also urged motorists not to use the hazard lights while driving in poor visibility conditions and asked drivers not to turn on their hazard lights.

Meanwhile, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology has also issued warnings of bad weather on its website and asked sea-farers to avoid venturing deep into the sea as sea waves reached up to seven feet at times.

Thunder and Lightning strikes in Dubai. Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Parts of the capital are expected to get light rain. Parts of Dubai also witnessed strong winds and light drizzle. Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain continue to be overcast with relatively tolerable levels of humidity.

Earlier report

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi have asked their patrons to 'stay put' as the weather continues to get worse.

Earlier, it rained in parts of Al Ain and in the Al Dhafra area of Abu Dhabi, on Sunday afternoon, as reported by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

The UAE's Ministry of Interior has also called upon residents to be careful and vigilant.

Abu Dhabi Municipality warning
Abu Dhabi Municipality reached out to residents with this message Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Municipality

While residents of Dubai and Sharjah did see cloudy skies, there is no prediction of rain in these two emirates, today.

According to weather forecaster Abdulla Al Hammadi: “Residents can see a drop in temperatures by one to two degrees tomorrow and a further drop on Tuesday.”

He said: “People can expect slight mist in the morning on Wednesday.”

He added that it might continue to rain near some islands along the coast but there won’t be any rainfall in the internal areas.

Weather, rainfall
Picture uploaded by NCM on their official Instagram page Image Credit: NCM Instagram/ social media

The NCM also gave a yellow warning to residents going towards the coast as strong winds and rough sea conditions are predicted for today, and these conditions will last till 4pm on Monday, November 12.

As a result, waters in the Arabian Gulf will be rough, with waves expected to reach four to six or seven feet offshore.

Temperatures have been between 28 to 31 degrees Celsius and the lowest reading today was 14.7 at the Jais Mountains.