Will rainy weather continue on Thursday and over the weekend? Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: Light showers hit some parts of Abu Dhabi on Friday afternoon. The Met Office has said that cloudy weather with a chance of rainfall is expected in some eastern areas on Saturday as well.

Light rain was reported in Al Dhaidh and Al Ain on Friday. 

On Saturday, July 29, the weather is expected to be humid with relative humidity is expected to reach 85 to 90 per cent. Temperature highs are expected to reach 44 to 45°C.

According to the National Center of Meteorology, the weather will be "fair to partly cloudy in general".

"Low clouds will appear over the eastern coast by morning with a probability of some clouds formation may be convective Eastward and Southard by afternoon," the weather forecast for Saturday added.

The NCM usually monitors convective clouds, which are formed due to an increase in the surface temperature. They rise upwards and look similar to cotton balls piled on top of one another. The NCM usually dispatches cloud seeding flights to maximise rainfall within the country.