RDS_181231 Weather
File photo of New Year's Eve fireworks 2018. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: Foggy conditions are expected at night but it won’t spoil your New Year’s Eve party.

The National Centre of Meteorology told Gulf News that high levels of humidity could lead to fog and mist formation, however it would be much past midnight.

A spokesperson said: “Some fog is expected but it will not reduce visibility and it will be good weather to watch the fireworks. The fog event that took place today as well happened during the early morning hours so the firework display would not be affected.”

The night is also not going to be uncomfortably cold, but it is advisable to carry warm clothes.

“Depending on where you are celebrating New Year’s Eve, the temperature will be slightly different. Over the coastal areas, at midnight the temperature is expected to be between 20-23 degrees celcius. It will get cooler as you go inland. In the desert, it will definitely be cooler - between 17 to 20 degrees celcius.”

Winds, too, will be slight to moderate making the weather welcoming 2019 just about perfect.