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Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents to wear helmets and avoid pillion riding while using e-scooters Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Residents using electric scooters in Abu Dhabi must wear helmets at all times, the Abu Dhabi Police have advised. In addition, each electric scooter must only carry one rider at a time, and the rider must avoid using headphones.

The safety guidelines were enumerated by the police on their social media platforms in an attempt to snsure rider safety.

Safety guidelines

The following safety measures were highlighted by Abu Dhabi Police:

— Wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter.

— Do not use headphones while riding.

— Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, including reflective clothing at night.

— Maintain a safe distance from pedestrians and other cyclists and riders.

— Do not take any passenger. Each electric scooter must have a single rider only.

— Do not carry objects that may affect the balance of your bike.

In fact, these safety guidelines are based on safety regulations issued last month by Abu Dhabi’s public transport regulator, the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), for riders of bicycles, electric bikes and other micromobility devices.

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Additional ITC rules

At the time, ITC has specified additional regulations for micromobility devices:

— Riders cannot hold on to any other vehicle or enter tracks designated for high or low-speed vehicles while on the move.

— Riders must use the lanes and roads intended for bikes and scooters if available. Otherwise, they must use the side roads where the speed limit is 20 kilometres per hour.

— Riders must also avoid performing stunts at all times.

— Bikes and scooters should be parked in designated areas only and cannot be left where they could impede the movement of other road users.

— Scooters cannot be chained to traffic light posts or street lighting poles.