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The promotional clip showing "real-life Iron Man” Richard Browning approaching residents near Ain Dubai Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A day before the opening on the Museum of the Future in Dubai on Tuesday, “real-life Iron Man” Richard Browning was spotted flying in his jet suit to a number of places in Dubai to give away exclusive tickets to surprised onlookers.

The British dare-devil inventor, who holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest flight in a body-controlled jet suit travelling at speeds of 135km/h in November 2019, thrilled crowds when he was seen flying in Dubai to celebrate the opening of the museum, dubbed “the most beautiful building on earth”.

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The video shows surprised onlookers approach the flying man for a closer look Image Credit: Screengrab

Onlookers were treated to a spectacle, as “invitations from the future” were handed out, providing people with exclusive access to the iconic museum.

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Browning handing out “invitations from the future” in Downtown Dubai Image Credit: Screengrab

Like Browning’s jet suit invention, which also embodies the same vision for technological advancement, the museum is set to become a hub for scientific talents at regional and world levels.

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The museum opens on Tuesday Image Credit: Screengrab

Becoming a global gateway to the future, with its design and latest innovations, the Museum of the Future is also set to position Dubai as a testbed for emerging technologies and an exploration base for talents, inventors and creative professionals from all over the world to unravel the greatest challenges that will shape the future of humanity.

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Browning made a number of flights to invite people to the museum's opening Image Credit: Screengrab

Unique design

The pillar-less landmark stands at 77m tall and covers 30,000 square metres, featuring a stainless-steel façade being illuminated by 14km of Arabic calligraphy designed by Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej. This makes it the only building in the world that has a surface covered entirely in calligraphy art.

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Museum of the Future in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Eye on the future

The building, which has also been classified as one of the most architecturally creative in the world, has a hollow middle, forming a human ‘eye’ representing the future we see tomorrow. Inside, visitors will be able to see the latest technologies of virtual and augmented reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and human machine interaction.