Dubai Police help man in wheelchair cross road safely
The patrol car escorted the man until he had safely reached the footpath Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A video has gone viral showing a Dubai Police patrol stopping traffic to help a person of determination to cross a road.

The 33-second clip shows a man on an electric wheelchair crossing the road while a police car escorts him.

Mohammed Shahnoor Shah, a 27-year-old Indian blogger who made the video, told Gulf News he was driving back from a meeting on October 19 when he stopped at a red light near Deira City Centre.

‘Mesmerising moment’

“It was 4:45pm and I saw this man trying to cross the road with his wheelchair. All of the sudden a police car appeared, stopped the traffic and helped the man to cross the road. It was a mesmerising moment for everyone,” Shah told Gulf News.

“I pulled out my phone and recorded it. It’s my favourite video that I have ever take.”

Shah praised Dubai Police for the humanitarian gesture, saying that it was first time he had personally witnessed such a scene.

“It was a proud moment for me to witness these seconds. This is why we stay in the UAE and love this country. We feel safe in Dubai as police are helping people all the time,” Shah, who specialises in poetry, said.

Serving the community

Dubai Police reaffirmed that their role is to serve community members and care for all citizens and residents.

Police said that serving the community and working constantly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people are some of the force’s key duties. The force added that they will spare no effort to fulfil these responsibilities.

Meanwhile, social media users circulated the video praising Dubai Police for their community efforts and humanitarian gestures.

“That’s why I love Dubai,” said Ashif on Instagram.