20221209 christmas lighting
It’s festive season now with the Christmas tree lighting at Expo City Dubai Image Credit: Manuel Almario/Gulf News

It’s Christmas time at the Expo City! Right as the clock struck 6pm on Friday, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus lit up a 16-metre tall Christmas Tree. Adorned with gold and silver decorations, gift boxes and Christmas lights, the tree was right at the Al Wasl Plaza. Hundreds of people flocked to Expo City to witness the Christmas lighting and experience the festive mood and chilly weather.

UAE resident Melissa Joseph from India, watched the Christmas show and she said: "It's very bright and for me it embodies the festive spirit and there's a sense of joy watching the winter show."

Muhammad Haroon from Pakistan, working and studying in Dubai, said: “The Christmas show is good. The music and visuals are outstanding, and I recommend more people to watch it. I’m sure their family and friends would love it.”

Richel Moorhouse, is a Filipina tourist who has been in Dubai for two months and she made it a point to visit the Expo City. She said: “I am with my friends to watch the Christmas lighting show at Expo City. The show was amazing, and the Christmas lights are adorable making the Christmas tree shine.”

Aside from the show, there are shops, kiosks selling Christmas trees, decorations, and lots of items to buy to gift your loved ones at the Al Wasl Plaza. So, head on to the Expo City as there will be Christmas winter digital lighting show for free of charge at the Al Wasl Plaza Dome every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays. You can follow Dubai Expo City on social media to get all the updates of the shows.