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Sharjah Civil Defence had a challenging rescue act on their hands as the cat was perched on a 10-12 metres high branch of an Al Damas tree. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A pet cat in Sharjah sparked an emergency rescue effort after being stuck on a tall tree in the Al Abar area of the emirate.

The owner took to social media to share the ordeal of the feline and thanked Sharjah Civil Defence for their effort to rescue his pet.

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On Monday, an Emirati man called Sharjah Civil Defence, seeking for help to rescue his son’s pet cat that was stuck on a tree roughly 10-12 metres high for four days.

Following the call, the rescue team went to the area and uses a Turntable ladder to bring the cat down to safety. The rescue operation ended successfully and the cat was brought down to safety and handed over to its owner.

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The pet cat called Lucky belonged to an eight-year-old boy of an Emirati family in the Al Abar area of Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

Lieutenant Colonel Hani Al Dahmani, director of Media and Public Relations at Sharjah Civil Defence, told Gulf News they received a call at 3pm on Monday, asking for assistance to rescue cat stuck high up on a tree. Emergency crew from the Samnan station moved to the site, dealt with the situation and brought down the cat to safety.

Hussain Al Manaai told Gulf News: “Just wanted to say big thanks to Sharjah Civil Defence for quickly responding to our emergency call involving our cat, ‘Lucky’. It’s great to see them [Civil Defence] jump [into action] in all sorts of emergencies, no matter how big or small, even at a time when a pandemic is threatening to overwhelm government services.”

Al Manaai further said that the rare kind of rescue took almost 20 minutes after their pet Lucky was stuck up an Al Damas tree in the neighbourhood for four days. “We found him wailing and clinging for dear life on to a branch, roughly 10 to 12 meters high, at 3pm. Thankfully, Civil Defence promptly answered our emergency call,” he said. The cat belonged to his eight-year-old son.
He said they used to take Lucky out in the garden and it seemed the pet was scared by the presence of another cat in the vicinity and climbed up the tree, but thereafter the cat was unable to come down. 
For four days, the family kept searching for the cat in vain. Finally, when they called out his name “Lucky” they heard a “meow”, though it was still not clear from where the response came, until an Asian man noticed the cat and informed the family who called in the Civil Defence.

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The Civil Defence team used a Turntable ladder to reach the spot where the cat was stuck on the tree and brought him down to safety. Image Credit: Supplied

First assistant Abdullah Al Shehhi and Badr from the Civil Defence Operations Room took the initiative to formulate a plan to save the life of the cat and prevent it from falling off the tree, Al Manaai said.

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He further said: “First assistant Abdullah Al Shehhi reached the site and then the Turntable ladder was brought in. The rescue team managed to reach the spot where the cat was perched up, calmed it down before bringing the traumatised cat down from the tree. Soon, the cat was reunited with the family.”

The cat's owner said those involved in the rescue of the cat deserved a big thanks. "Among others, they included operations officer Badr Ahmed Balsalat firefighter Abdullah Ali Lahha Al Shehhi, Hussein Ali Youssef and driver Ahmed Saeed Khamis Al-Alawi and I would like to specially thank them."