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Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD”, in cooperation with the Sharjah Police Headquarter, seized a warehouse full of counterfeit cosmetics in Al Sajaa area.

The number of fake cosmetic products was 11,960, all of which were counterfeit versions of well-known international brands.

Last year Dubai authorities also seized over 22,000 fake cosmetic products from a warehouse. The collection was worth Dh1 million. Authorities said at the time that most of these good were being hawked on social media. 

Commercial fraud is a serious crime and the initiative comes as part of SEDD efforts, especially the Department of Commercial Control and Protection, to safeguard the rights of trademark owners, protect the local market in Sharjah from fake and counterfeit products, and defend consumers, thus strengthening the emirate's position as a prestigious commercial center at all levels.

Commenting on this, Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, said that the department would never compromise in protecting the emirate's markets from those who seek to benefit by achieving material gains at the expense of others and their safety through commercial fraud.

He added that such results achieved by SEDD were due to the its teams’ efforts in continuously investigating and conducting field visits on different sites and by cooperating with various concerned entities to stop commercial fraud and counterfeit products.

In addition, the team of commercial officers pays great attention to consumer complaints and identifies methods of detecting counterfeit products through communication with trademark owners or their representatives in Sharjah.

On the other hand, Salim Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department at SEDD, stated that this large consignment that was seized indicates the determination of fraudulent parties to harm society and the owners of trademarks in return for achieving high financial gain.

Therefore, the department re-emphasised their plan to do all that it takes to ensure safety of the public and society.

Report fraud

Moreover, Salim Al Suwaidi called all consumers to communicate with the Department when facing commercial fraud or any violation by calling 80080000, or using SEDD’s social media account “Sharjaheconomic”.

In addition, he added that they could place their complaint by visiting the consumer protection website All of this fall within the context of active participation in controlling markets and ensuring rights in order to take necessary actions.