Vinita Kataria Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/XPRESS

DUBAI: What would have taken her nine years to earn as a school teacher, Vinita Kataria has pocketed in just one deal as a real estate agent in Dubai.

The Indian mum, who made Dh4,000 a month in a Sharjah school until recently, struck gold last week when she clinched a record breaking Dh70 million luxury villa deal in Palm Jumeirah.

Her company, Terra Casa, which got a staggering Dh700,000 cut from the deal let her keep half of it.

An unnamed British expatriate bought the custom-designed three storey villa on the tip of Frond M. Sprawled over 13,000 sqft, the swanky pad has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 55 foot infinity swimming pool and even a cinema room. It will be handed over in December. Kataria, who negotiated the sale, is overwhelmed. “This is a dream commission,” said the 42-year old, who intends to use some part of the money to support the education of underprivileged children in her India.


“My family is very happy for me. There were times when we couldn’t afford certain things for my teenage boys. It used to break my heart to say no to them.”

Kataria said it was perseverance that has seen her through.

“The day I joined Terra Casa, my mother died and I had to rush to India. I almost quit but my colleagues urged me to stay put. A few days later I sold a Dh970,000 studio apartment in Dubai Sports City. My commission amounted to Dh4,875. It was not much but it motivated me to do better.”

Dubai-based realty expert Mario Volpi said it’s rare for an agent to take home a Dh350,000 cut. “Such deals are struck once in a while. And when they are it feels like a lottery win,” said Volpi.

“Selling niche properties is not easy. Besides a good personality, agents must have sound knowledge of the real estate market. “Patience, hard-work and determination are just as important. Sometimes clients leave you high and dry and don’t turn up for a viewing. There are a lot of kissing frogs before you find Prince Charming.”

SPF Realty’s Kalpesh Sampat feels it takes a certain skill to strike exclusive deals. “Last year, a real estate agent earned Dh1 million commission in in just one month by selling villas in Meydan. Of course, such people are hard to find.”

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