Principals of various CBSE schools in Ajman join the inauguration ceremony by lighting the traditional lamp at the Teachers Excellence Award ceremony.

Ajman: The best teachers of CBSE schools in Ajman were awarded on Indian Teacher’s Day on Monday where more than 150 Indian teachers in the emirate displayed their skills in singing, dancing and acting as well.

The Indian Association Ajman (IAA) in collaboration with Indian Consulate General in Dubai hosted the first ever “Teachers Excellence Award” to mark the day celebrated in honour of Indian teachers.

Twenty-two teachers and eleven principals were honoured for their excellent academic achievements. According to the association, two best teachers each were chosen from all the 11 CBSE schools in the emirate.

One of the award winning teachers, Lava Kumar Belery of Habitat Private School, Al Tallah, told Gulf News that receiving the honour in front of more than 1500 members of the public including prominent members of academia, was the most emotional moment in his 16-year teaching career in India and the UAE.

Motivation, relaxation

“It is a big motivation and inspiration to the teachers. When we are appreciated, our responsibilities are more,” said the social science teacher who is known for taking several initiatives to expand the horizons of his students in learning the history and cultural diversity of the UAE.

One of the few male teachers who danced on stage, Belery, said the teachers were more excited about participating in the cultural events. “Usually, we prepare students for the events. This time, we got a chance to participate in non-academic activities and it really helped us get some relaxation. We enjoyed our practice sessions after school time and then performing on stage.”

Malathi Das, principal, Global Indian School, Ajman, was one of the senior most principals to be honoured. Appreciating the association for coming up with the award ceremony, she said: “It is a great motivation for teaches to be honoured in such a big gathering. This award is unique because the association allowed principals to contribute in recommending the best teachers from each school.”

Some of the award winning teachers pose with officials during the award ceremony Image Credit:

Criteria, contributions

She said the criteria included excellence in work, contribution to students’ growth, innovative activities initiated by the teachers as well as more than 10 years’ experience. “It’s very difficult for teachers to compete outside. This award will be a great motivation for teachers to excel in their schools.”

Earlier, Ram Kumar Thangaraj, acting consul general of India and consul (Passport, Attestation and Education) at the Indian Consulate inaugurated the event.

Principals of all the 11 CBSE schools in Ajman were honoured during the ceremony

Lauding the Indian teachers in the UAE, he said: “Your service and contribution in promoting the Indian education system in the UAE and in nation-building by creating high quality of human resource in your classrooms is commendable.”

“Inspired teachers are the building blocks of a good education system. An inspired teacher links the individual goals of the students to the societal and national goals ... This is a profession where you have the potential to make more of a difference than just about anything you can go into. So teachers deserve more than just our gratitude,” he added.

Ramkumar Thangaraj inaugurates the event in the presence of Abdul Rahman Salem Al Suwaidi and others by lighting the traditional lamp Image Credit:

COVID-19 warriors

Speaking on behalf of all the principals present, Dr Prema Muralidhar, principal, Woodlem Park School, praised the contribution of the teachers in ensuring that education never stopped when COVID-19 stalled everything else. “And I think we made the world understand that teachers belong to a community that should be the highest paid in the world and I wish to see one day that we as teachers will be blessed and we will be in a situation where we can give our best once again.”

Abdul Salah, president of the IAA, while welcoming the gathering, said: “Our teachers are true pillars of our success … But, despite playing such a crucial role in the lives of students and nation building, they are rarely shown the gratitude they deserve. So, as learners, it is our duty to thank them at least once a year.”

Abdul Rahman Salem Al Suwaidi, patron, IAA and Afthab Ebrahim, chairman, IAA, felicitated the teachers and lauded their contributions.

Chaya Devi Krishnamurthi, programme coordinator, IAA, said the award committee worked with principals to choose the best teachers based on the set criteria.

Due to the overwhelming response and success, the association has decided to hold the award ceremony every year, said Roop Sidhu, general secretary, IAA.

Teachers who won the excellence award
Abdul Sathar, Al Ameer English School
Anita Henriquez, The Royal Academy
Baiju Gopalan, City Private School
Bensiya Mohammed, Global Indian School
Devisree J, Global Indian School
G. Anita Jency, East Point Indian International School
Ginila Sajeev, Al Ameer English School
Harshida Patel, Habitat Private School, Al-Jurf
Lalita Sharma, Delhi Private School
Latha Rejith, Bhavans Wise Indian Academy
Lava Kumar Belery, Habitat Private School, Al Tallah
Maya Susan Thomas, Bhavans Wise Indian Academy
Mohammed Nahas, City Private School
Priya Purushothaman, Habitat Private School, Al Tallah
Raji Manoj, International Indian School, Ajman
Rita Madhavan, International Indian School, Ajman
Shabiha Nikhath, The Royal Academy
Safana, Woodlem Park School Private
Soudabi P P, East Point Indian International School
Sumayya Fathima, Delhi Private School
Sumol Shaji, Habitat Private School, Al-Jurf
Supriya Sugunan, Woodlem Park School Private
Principals who were honoured
SJ Jacob, Al Ameer English School
Indu Panicker, Bhavans Wise Indian Academy
Richard Monteiro, City Private School
Dr. Vishal Kataria, Delhi Private School
Dr. Abdul Majeed M, East Point Indian International S
Malathi Das, Global Indian School
Bala Reddy Ambati, Habitat Private School, Al Jurf
Maryam Nizar Ahamed, Habitat Private School,
Qurat Ul An, International Indian School
Nigar Rashid, The Royal Academy
Dr. Prema Muralidhar, Woodlem Park School