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Emirates Draw Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: It has literally been a dream come true for a second prize winner of Emirates Draw’ recent MEGA7 episode.

Indian expat Bhuvan Metha, along with a participant from Iran, shared the second prize each receiving Dh125,000 by matching six out of seven numbers last week. They were just one number away from winning the Grand Prize of Dh100 million and had to settle with sharing the second prize of Dh250,000.

The story of Bhuvan Mehtha may sound like fiction but is in fact true, the organisers of the draw said on Thursday.

The 49-year-old travel consultant claimed his win followed a recurring dream. With the astonishing turn of events, Mehta found himself overwhelmed with joy and disbelief.

Bhuvan managed to match six out of seven numbers, leading to his MEGA7 prize.

Bhuvan has several special plans for his newfound gains. “I have been planning to buy a car for my mother, and part of the winnings will go towards it,” Bhuvan said with a smile, but his intentions don’t stop there.

“I am also associated with various charities which help both animals and people in need. I believe that this win has come because of my commitment to social causes and helping less fortunate souls,” he added.

Winner’s family reunion

This week, the excitement continued with another MEGA7 Second Prize winner, Syed Ghulam Mahboob from India, who won Dh250,000. The lucky winner is now all set to be reunited with his family hailing from the Deccan region of India.

“Syed is all set to reunite with his wife and daughter following his MEGA7 second-prize win. Almost two years ago, the 33-year-old recruitment consultant was forced to leave his family behind as he moved to the UAE in search of a better life,” the organisers revealed on Thursday.

“I called my wife as soon as I found out, and she couldn’t believe it! She and my daughter will be able to join me here in Dubai now that I have won, and I’m very happy that we will all be together again,” says Syed Ghulam.

Friend’s advice

“I didn’t even know I had won; it was my friend who told me. He had my numbers, and he came running to me, yelling that I had won the second prize. I immediately checked the app and was shocked to see that I had won,” he continues.

Ghulam plans to continue playing, though they had started by participating in other raffles, it is only with Emirates Draw that he succeeded. “I only started three weeks ago, but I knew something about this was different.”

The Dh100 million MEGA7 Grand Prize is the largest across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and remains unclaimed by any individual or group, that successfully matches all seven numbers, the organisers added.