Fujairah Research Centre strives to collaborate with industries through The Emirati Researchers, demonstrating the impact of research and development on innovation and economic growth.

Fujariah: Fujairah Research Centre recentlyunveiled ‘The Emirati Researchers’, a brand-new initiative dedicated to promoting, supporting, and funding vital scientific analysis and exploration projects in the UAE.

The Emirati Researchers has been launched to meet several overarching objectives in line with the organisation’s vision to invest in future generations and drive meaningful applied research and technology advancements as per the UAE Centennial Plan 2071, the Centre said.

With an emphasis on up-and-coming talent, the initiative will empower Emirati scientists, providing them with the necessary resources to conduct high-quality research across various disciplines.

While Emirati youths are given full support in pursuing innovative projects from planning through to execution, their body of work and achievements will also be published and promoted, thereby raising further research activities awareness and recognition at the national level.

Scientific breakthroughs

“Today represents the start of another exciting chapter for the UAE, one where new generations of researchers make scientific breakthroughs that instigate vital social and economic advancements,” said Dr Fouad Lamghari, director of Fujairah Research Centre.

“This announcement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing talent with a view to long-term national development and prosperity. By paving the way for a transformative era fuelled by research-backed discovery, we can help ensure a legacy of innovation and progress for many decades to come.”

The Emirati Researchers will strive to become a leading incubator for groundbreaking research and discoveries while inspiring and empowering new generations of professionals.

By mentoring students, sponsoring projects, and helping to bring innovative ideas to life through technical and financial support, the initiative can become a benchmark for others to emulate moving forward, with key programmes at the heart of its success.

Research Incubation Programme

One such programme earmarked to make outstanding contributions is the "Research Incubation Programme", through which experienced researchers will guide entry and early-level Emirati researchers.

Additionally, the programme will present a host of career development opportunities alongside training in areas such as research collaboration, networking, publication support, data sharing, and open science.

“Learning from researchers with vast experience and expertise is a pre-requisite for young talent honing their craft and taking quantum leaps en route to realising their full potential,” said Dr Lamghari.

“Providing platforms for students to learn from some of the nation’s most distinguished researchers is a prospect we’re very excited by, as is cross-sector collaboration.”

As per the announcement, Fujairah Research Centre aims to collaborate with industries via The Emirati Researchers to showcase the value of research and development in driving innovation and economic growth. Furthermore, the Centre aims to partner with universities and research institutions to promote the achievements of Emirati researchers and broaden interdisciplinary research.