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Moroccan boy Adam Ahmad, 5, who lives in Sharjah, loves to constantly sing the UAE National Anthem, even when he is sick. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A five-year-old Moroccan boy in Sharjah keeps singing the UAE National Anthem, even when he is sick, his mom said.

Sanae Elkhanchoufi recently became emotional when her son Adam Ahmad, who is asthmatic, sang the anthem even while on the nebuliser at a Sharjah hospital, and she decided to capture the moving moment on her mobile. “I was surprised and got emotional when Adam sang the anthem even when taking the nebuliser. He is always singing it, at home, in the lift, when we go out,” she said.

Adam, who is in KG at an American curriculum school in Sharjah, “was going through a tough time” recently for a chest condition and taking the nebuliser and antibiotics. “He’s feeling a little bit better, and goes on singing the anthem; he’s really attached to it.”

Adam, whose father is Pakistani, joined school in November 2019. He travelled to Morocco in March this year and was held up there until July, learning online with his mom’s help, because of disruptions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Adam, who needs an operation as one of his hands in smaller than the other, also loves the UAE flag and is keen to point it out whenever he spots it.

Besides singing the UAE National Anthem and waving the UAE flag, Adam is also fond of race cars. He is excited about the upcoming 49th UAE National Day, which is on December 2.