Abu Dhabi: The Higher Committee for Consumer Protection is considering the introduction of a “consumer basket” for basic food commodities, which aims to set a list of basic items and commodities that consumers deal with on a daily basis and to curb retail prices.

The Consumer Basket” initiative was discussed during the committee’s meeting, chaired on Wednesday by Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy.

The proposed consumer basket includes four main groups of the most important items and commodities used on a daily basis. During the meeting, the committee discussed ways to give preferences to sell these goods outlets and cooperatives in order to achieve greater stability and balance in the consumer goods market and enhance the positive impact on consumers.

The consumer basket includes bread, cereals and their products, meat, fish and seafood, yogurt, cheese, eggs, oils and fats, fruits, vegetables, sugar, jam, sweets, tea, coffee, cocoa, mineral water and juices.

Al Mansouri said controlling markets and preventing any unjustified increases in consumer prices is a priority on the committee’s agenda, noting that the committee is working in cooperation and partnership with relevant bodies at both federal and local levels, as well as with the private sector.

The committee considers the adoption of initiatives that protect consumers’ interests and ensure the integrity of commercial transactions in the markets for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Al Mansouri highlighted the committee’s keenness to discuss all issues of concern to consumers and keep up with the technological changes on commercial transaction and business activities in the market.

The committee will begin a dialogue with the major outlets to implement the consumer basket initiative gradually and ensure that the prices of selected commodities will not be increased.

It outlined the new procedures to develop recalls and recovery of goods, which are carried out when goods are found not to comply with the approved standard specifications.

The new procedures include the introduction of an electronic service to track recovery after it is announced and confirmed to be completed and documented.

Al Mansouri underlined the importance of recall campaigns that serve UAE efforts to protect the public health and safety, reduce commercial fraud, and ensure the quality and competitiveness of goods in local markets.