201904 Weather1
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramazan

Making plans for the weekend? Luckily, the weather in the UAE on Friday and Saturday will be picnic-perfect with partly cloudy skies. Meanwhile, some eastern coastal areas of the country, like Fujairah, may receive scattered rainfall.

According to Dr Ahmed Habib, a senior meteorologist at UAE's National Center of Meteorology, residents will see overcast skies at times and cooler weather in the coming days. He told Gulf News: "This weekend, we will see partly cloudy skies. We are also expecting some convective clouds over eastern mountains, in Fujairah and the eastern coastal region. There is a possibility of light rain in that area."

Dr Habib added: "Friday night, we will have cloudy weather in the highlands and over the seas. And, on Saturday, some light rain is expected over the sea along the coastline and over far western regions of the country like Al Sila and Al Ghuwaifat, and islands in the far west region."

Meanwhile, temperatures in the country saw a gradual decrease last week. According to Dr Habib, the maximum temperatures in the internal areas of the country will be between 28-32°C, and the minimum temperatures will be 18-22°C.

There will be a light pleasant breeze on both days. The NCM forecasts: "Light to moderate winds, freshening at times during daytime."

The weather bureau has added that relative humidity across the country will be moderate, between 50-70 per cent, which is expected to remain the same over the weekend.

A weekend trip to the beach with your family is a good idea, as the sea along the UAE's coastline will be relatively calm, according to UAE's weather bureau. But, don't forget to follow the COVID-19 rules. Visitors should always wear a mask and maintain social distancing at the beaches.

Dr. Habib also told Gulf News that the sea in some areas might get slightly rough for a very short interval depending on cloud activity over the sea in the region.

Rain and dip in temperatures next week

While the weather is expected to remain the same till Monday, the coming long weekend for UAE National Day will see cloudy weather and rainfall, Dr. Habib added.

As per an earlier Gulf News report, Ebrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy and a Sharjah-based meteorologist, explained that the cooler season will sweep across the Arabian Peninsula from December 1-7.

"The Arabian Peninsula will be affected by medium to heavy bouts of rain, accompanied by northwesterly to westerly winds in the beginning of December," Al Jarwan had added.