The influencer-led revolution that has swept the Gulf’s digital and social media over the last 12 months is looking to have a lot of staying power. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Social media influencers in the UAE will need to pay Dh15,000 a year to secure a licence to promote or advertise on Facebook, Instagram or any other online platform, according to a list of fees governing electronic media.

The National Media Council (NMC) reiterated on Tuesday that “influencers” have until the end of the month to register with the government.

The council has outlined on its website a complete list of fees that may be applicable to social media users and bloggers who are advertising or promoting brands online, as well as those who post audio materials and other content for commercial purposes.

The NMC announced in March the regulations for electronic media which apply to websites, as well as individuals who promote or advertise brands or companies through their online accounts.

According to the official list of fees, those who promote a brand through their websites and other social media accounts are required to pay Dh15,000. The fee is good only for one year and renewable at the same rate.

Sites and social media users who post or sell audio materials will be required to pay a fee of Dh4,000.

And for those who sell and display visual materials online, the corresponding fee is Dh6,000. A Dh1,000 fee will apply to people who use online accounts or websites to sell and display books or reading materials.

Who are required to pay the fees?

1.Websites and social accounts that circulate, sell and display audio materials: Dh4,000
2. Websites and social accounts that circulate, sell and display visual materials: Dh6,000
3. Websites and social accounts that circulate, sell and display reading materials, such as books: Dh1,000
4. Websites and social accounts specialized for online advertising (social media influencers): Dh15,000