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More than 300 volunteers are involved in distributing Aster Iftar meals in the UAE

Dubai: Dubai-based Aster DM Healthcare on Thursday announced its collaboration with Dubai Police to distribute iftar kits to motorists across the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan.

In its fifth year, the campaign aims to provide essential iftar kits to individuals stuck in traffic while breaking their fast daily. More than 300 volunteers, including Aster Volunteers and community members, will distribute these kits at 13 locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman.

Under this collaboration, volunteers from Aster DM Healthcare comprising of employees from Aster Hospitals and Clinics, Aster Pharmacies and community volunteers will deliver 150,000 iftar boxes over 30 days, with 5,000 food boxes distributed each day. These boxes, arranged by volunteers at Aster DM Healthcare, contain a packet of dates, water, a cake, and juice, offering much-needed relief to motorists during the evening rush hour.

Ending fast on time

Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman, Aster DM Healthcare, said: “People who are making their way home or are on the move at the time of iftar are always concerned about breaking their fast. This is often exacerbated by the rush hour at peak commute time. Over the last few years, we have seen that the meal box distributed at traffic signals enable people to break their fast on time, helping them drive without worrying and enjoy the evening festivities with their families. We are glad to continue our collaboration with Dubai Police to bring this thoughtful initiative to life this year.”

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Impactful initiative

Brigadier Juma Khalfan Bin Suhail Almheiri, deputy director of the Al Raffa Police Station, stated: “We are proud to collaborate with Aster DM Healthcare once again for this impactful initiative during the holy month of Ramadan. By distributing iftar kits to motorists, we are not only providing essential sustenance but also fostering a sense of community and support among our citizens and residents. This collaboration exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines Ramadan in the UAE.”

Last year, the campaign distributed 117,000 iftar boxes over 30 days, significantly impacting the lives of commuters across the UAE. This year, the number of kits to be distributed has increased, showcasing the growing support for this noble cause from both Aster DM Healthcare and the community volunteers at large.