Duty officer Mohammed Sohrabi with the reunited couple at Dubai airport. Image Credit: Instagram

Dubai: An elderly couple, who were separated at Dubai International Airport (DXB), were reunited 15 minutes before their flight could take off, according to the officer on duty at the time.

In a heartwarming video released by DXB today, Mohammed Sohrabi, the duty officer, (terminal service delivery), spoke of how a woman in tears approached him on a busy day, saying she had lost track of her husband. The couple, flying from Sydney to Glassgow, were apparently transiting through Dubai. With barely 45 minutes left for their flight to take off, she said her efforts to find him had gone in vain.

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After giving the woman a patient hearing, Sohrabi swung into action to trace the missing man.

He said, “I communicated the issue with my team and sent a picture of the man to everyone. I asked them to search for him. Fortunately, I found him 15 minutes (before departure) and they were able to catch the flight. They were really happy.”

Sohrabi, who has been working with DXB for 33 years, said, “Hospitality means serving our guests like we serve them at home. I learnt this from my grandmother who is above 90 years old. She is one of my role models in terms of hospitality and helping others. ”