Lane changing
Abu Dhabi Police warn motorists to follow lane discipline and lane changing rules to avoid fines. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: Fines up to Dh600 will be imposed on motorists for driving behaviours that violate lane discipline, the Abu Dhabi Police warned on Monday.

In particular, a Dh400 fine will be imposed on motorists for failing to stay within a traffic lane, for not giving way to motorists approaching from behind, and for not giving way to motorists approaching from the left with the purpose of overtaking.

In addition, a Dh600 fine, and six traffic black points, will be slapped on motorists found illegally overtaking other vehicles from the right.

Lane discipline

In a statement, the Abu Dhabi Police urged motorists to adhere to traffic regulations, including lane discipline and maintaining the right speed. Lane discipline must also be maintained when crossing an intersection, or when merging or exiting a road, and this includes staying within solid lane lines.

Undermining safety

Brigadier Mohammed Al Humairi, director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, said the Police is currently running a campaign to increase motorists’ awareness of the common driving violations, as these undermine road safety and promote accidents. The campaign is reaching out to drivers in a number of languages through social media platforms, with the aim of promoting a culture of traffic safety.

The statement added that the Police will also continue to closely monitor any violations, and to raise awareness through posts and clips on its social media platforms.

Lane discipline violations

The Police also urged motorists to avoid a number of lane discipline violations:

-Do not exceed the speed limit.

-Give way to approaching track from behind when merging with a lane, and to approaching vehicles overtaking from the left.

-Use only the left lane for overtaking other vehicles, as incorrect overtaking practices frequently result in road traffic accidents.

-Stick to your lane when crossing an intersection, or at road entrances and exits.