New signs showing minimum speed for the left lanes of the road Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: A Dh400 fine will be imposed from coming Monday, May 1, onwards on motorists driving below the minimum speed limit on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Road in Abu Dhabi.

The implementation of the fine follows a new minimum speed limit system, set up from the start of April by the Abu Dhabi Police, on the two leftmost lanes of the road. The minimum 120km/hr was put into place on both directions, and drivers who have since driven below the limit have received warning notifications.

From next week, motorists failing to drive above the minimum limit will be fined, Abu Dhabi Police reminded today.

Road safety

The new speed limits on the road aim to enhance road safety, and to encourage slower vehicles and heavy vehicles to use the lanes on the right. The minimum speeds do not apply on the rightmost lane, which is designed to accommodate heavy vehicles, and the second lane from the right.

Maximum speed

Meanwhile, the maximum speed limit on all four lanes remains 140km/hr, with no grace allowed.

An Abu Dhabi Police online poll found earlier that 78 per cent of more than 3,400 respondents were in favour of the new minimum speeds.