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Dubai: Motorists are allowed to stick tint films on car windshield up to 15cm from the top, Dubai Police clarified on Tuesday.

It follows complaints from motorists that they were fined Dh1,500 in some emirates for putting tint on the windshield.

In July, new federal traffic rules came into force, including the allowance for up to 50 per cent tint, up from the former 30 per cent tint limit.

All vehicles except trucks and taxis are eligible for the darker window tint but for the windshield, it is only allowed for 5.5 inches [15cm], said Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and director of the Federal Traffic Council.

“Putting tint on the entire car’s windshield is not allowed in the new traffic law but drivers can put tint for 5.5 inches,” Maj-Gen Al Zafein said.

His clarification came after motorists contacted an Arabic radio station saying they were fined for putting the tint on the windshield.

“Drivers can complain about any fines if they think it’s unfair and think they didn’t break the law, but it is illegal to put tint on windshield for more than 5.5 inches from the top,” he added.

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Some readers had also told Gulf News they were fined for using 50 per cent tint in some emirates. Maj-Gen Al Zafein said they have informed all police departments in the UAE about the new changes in the traffic law, confirming that it is allowed to put up to 50 per cent tint on car windows.

He said rental and company cars are also allowed to use 50 per cent tint, according to Article No. 9 of the new traffic law.

In summer, many residents get their car windows tinted to reduce the heat inside and increase the air-conditioner’s efficiency.

The new 50 per cent tint rule means that drivers who like the darker tint do not have to worry about a Dh1,500 fine that was formerly imposed for using more than 30 per cent tint.