enoc vip
The Vehicle Identification based fuel retailing system at ENOC/EPPCO gas stations. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Dubai’s fleet of 1,300 public buses is now equipped with RFID-based automated fuelling system, helping the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) keep track of fuel efficiency and carbon footprint.

Coming after the successful implementation of the trial phase conducted on 190 vehicles last year, the move involves installing Enoc’s Vehicle Identification Pass (ViP) which is based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

To be operational in all five RTA bus depots in Dubai, the technology requires the installation of a smart tag on the cap of the fuel tank and a reading device on the nozzle of the fuel pump. It ensures that each bus is refilled with the correct fuel type, as prescribed beforehand by RTA.

The step will enable RTA’s team to put limits, as needed, on the refuelling of vehicles and bus fleet through the e-Fleet management system. This will help set limits for refueling based on quantity, cost, time and zone; ensuring higher efficiency in tracking the fuel consumption and the operational efficiency of the fleet.

The RFID technology has several other benefits such as reading the odometer, which enables depot managers to access reports of kilometres done by each bus, thus allowing them to analyse the fuel consumption per vehicle. The technology also enables the RTA to centralize and standardise the refueling requests, and accordingly cut short the time needed for refueling the entire fleet.