Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Tackling traffic jams across the city is bad enough in itself, but when you add a handful of rude motorists, your journey can quickly change into a stressful, road-range induced drive.

But have you ever wondered why some motorists disregard traffic rules and drive in a menacing way?

A recent study commissioned by Road Safety UAE and i-Insured looked into the most common mistakes that bad drivers carry out, and the reasons behind them.

Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President Retail i-Insured, said: “This question is passionately discussed among UAE residents and for sure there are plenty of subjective opinions. The aim [of the survey] was to arrive at professionally researched data points helping to streamline the efforts of the involved stakeholders trying to make UAE’s road safer.”

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Respondents also complained over the lack of knowledge about polite and caring behavior, coupled with the believe of low education in this regard. Deliberate acts, 37 per cent, and the anonymity in our vehicles, 36 per cent, also scored high. 

The study was carried out in February 2018, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,004 UAE residents. 

The survey further revealed that 90 per cent of motorists consider themselves as ‘polite and caring’ drivers, while only 34 per cent think that other drivers are well-mannered.

The majority of motorists, 72 per cent, said that the UAE has a positive driving culture, which was shared by 82 per cent of Arab expats and 40 per cent of Westerners.

“Raising the right hand like Westerners are used to might be viewed differently by other demographic groups, where hand signs can be interpreted very differently. If a little nod of the head is the right way for Asians/Arabs, this might not even be seen by Westerners,” said Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of Road Safety UAE.

The most unfriendly acts

  1. Abruptly changing lanes 42%
  2. Speeding 38%
  3. Bullying and aggressive driving 37%
  4. Lack of use of indicators  36%
  5. Jumping the queue 33%
  6. Cutting in front or behind you 32%
  7. Tailgating 22%
  8. Lack of consideration for pedestrians 17%
  9. Lack of consideration for trucks and buses 14%
  10. Lack of consideration for motorbike riders 13%
  11. Lack of consideration for bicycle riders 12%

Main reasons for unfriendly acts              

  1. Time pressure, and running late  50%
  2. Diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds make a common form of politeness impossible 42%
  3. Lack of education and awareness about polite and caring behavior on the roads 41%
  4. General lack of overall politeness 40%
  5. Drivers do not know what polite and caring behavior is 37%
  6. Deliberate acts of being impolite, aggression 37%
  7. The anonymity of drivers inside of cars makes it easy for them to misbehave 36%
  8. It is not important to be polite and caring on the roads 16%