One of the several accidents that occurred in Dubai this Ramadan as some drivers resort to speeding and reckless driving just before iftar. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Road rage is a common sight in the UAE during Ramadan, as tempers flare up, fender benders occur and motorists exceed the speed limit as they make their way home.

According to recent research, there is one day of the week in particular when the most number of traffic accidents are likely to happen – on a Wednesday.

“The most dangerous weekdays are Wednesdays and least dangerous are Sundays,” stated the Ramadan Claims and Accidents Analysis Report, which was carried out by RoadSafetyUAE, QIC Insured and Gargash Insurance Brokers.

The report analysed the 2016 Ramadan claims data of 1,845 reported accidents.

Weekday Average claims
Wednesday 3.9%
Saturday 3.8%
Thursday 3.7%
Friday 3.4%
Monday 3.3%
Tuesday 3.2%
Sunday 2.7%

Mustafa Oliyath Vazayil, managing director for Gargash Insurance Brokers, advised: “Motorists must realise, that even if they arrive late for a Ramadan event, people will understand."

The average claim on Wednesday, according to the report, was at 3.9 per cent, followed by Saturday at 3.8 per cent and Thursday at 3.7 per cent.

“Good time management is crucial and motorists are urged to leave early enough and allow for a time buffer to reach their destination on time. We need to display a caring attitude for ourselves and for others in this very special period," he said.

Dangerous times

The report also found that traffic accidents were most likely to occur between 9-10am on any given day of the week, as many residents start their working days later. 

Frederik Bisbjerg, QIC Insured executive vice president for Middle East and North Africa Retail, said: “Based on this survey, we want to flag these three main findings; motorists that are 40 years old or above must take extra caution on the roads, people have to mind the morning rush-hours, and that male motorists need to pay extra attention towards their driving attitude.”

Accident timings Claims
Between midninght to 8am 2.9%
8-9am 6.7%
9-10am 16.1%
10-11am 14.6%
11am-12pm 14.9%
12-1pm 11.4%
1-2pm 11.6%
2-3pm 8.5%
4pm to midnight 6.1%
no time capture 7.2%


When categorized by nationality, Indians were the main cause of accidents at 39 per cent, followed by Pakistanis at 15 per cent and Emiratis at 11 per cent. Males were reportedly significantly more accident-prone than females.  

Nationality Claim %
Indian 39%
Pakistani 15%
Emirati 11%
Egyptian 7%
Jordanian 4%
Others 25%


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