Dubai: Dubai Traffic police have urged motorists and residents to report any traffic violations they spot to the police control room immediately.

Police said as part of “We Are All Police” programme, which started in 2004, the general public is urged to report any reckless driver or any traffic violations they may spot on the road.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of Dubai police Traffic Department, said that on an average the programme receives about 70 complaints everyday against rash and accident prone driving.

Depending on the public’s reports, the programme last year issued almost 32,000 traffic fines including 13,000 recorded via cameras installed in different roads in Dubai and almost 19,000 traffic fines reported to police by the public.

Major General Al Zafein said that the programme works through the command and control centre in the Operations Room at Dubai Police, and it depends mainly on reports received from members of the community in addition to surveillance cameras installed in different areas in Dubai.

“Public can call directly ‘We Are All Police’ on the toll-free at 8004353 to report reckless drivers or any kind of traffic violations,” he said.

Dubai traffic police say they are aiming to reduce the number of serious traffic accidents and deaths caused by such accidents annually to zero by 2020 and have urged the public to join hands with them to achieve this goal.