Dubai: No cash, no card, no worries. Motorists in Dubai can refuel their vehicles in a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled cashless system at all Enoc petrol stations.

Known as VIP or Vehicle Identification Pass, the prepaid system, similar to Salik has been in place for two years exclusively for corporate customers.

Going live from Monday, VIP will allow all motorists to register and install RFID tags, available at all 112 Enoc stations.

Balance in the VIP account can be topped up either at Enoc stations or online at

The one time registration and purchase of RFID tag will cost Dh250.

A motorist can register multiple cars under a single account but tags will have to be purchased for all the vehicles.

The system is expected to save a minimum of 3 minutes per customer at petrol stations, as VIP is a fully automated system with minimal human interference.

"All that attendant needs to do is place the fuel nozzle inside the fuel tank, everything else is automated. Customers can even preset the amount for each refuelling and the type of petrol can also be pre-selected," said Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Enoc, after launching VIP at a petrol station in Al Twar.

Motorists will receive an SMS and email after every transaction and will be able to manage their accounts online.

Al Hashemi said that Enoc will launch the VIP mobile app in the third quarter of this year.