Google Glass users will be able to access information about public transport in Dubai including timings and route maps. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Courtesy: RTA

Dubai: Finding your way around Dubai has become easier as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) links up with Google Glass to provide step by step guidance to public transport users, Gulf News can reveal.

Google Glass users can now have access to all the information about public transport in Dubai including timings, route maps as well as the availability of various modes of transport through Google Maps.

“It’s as easy as just saying ‘Hey Google take me to Dubai Mall’ and Google Glass will offer you all the options to reach Dubai Mall from a particular location,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Support Services Sector.

The service can be availed of by activating Google Glass’ ‘Step by Step’ feature through which it advises users on the exact route to a particular destination as well as the alternatives available.

“It will provide users with information on all the modes of transport available from one point to another, the timings on each mode and where the nearest bus, Metro or marine stations are,” Al Madani said.

He added that users will be able to see a route map and step by step directions to a particular destination, with the distance to walk, estimated time to reach, when the next bus or Metro is available, etc.

Google Glass offers a new channel on road-related information in the emirate, apart from the RTA mobile app, call centres and website.

However, Al Madani clarified that the service is available for public transport users only and is not recommended for motorists and drivers.

“This service is not suitable for drivers. We are not providing service for navigation in your car. This is strictly for public transport commuters only,” said Al Madani

According to Al Madani, the application will particularly help tourists who use Google Glass to find their way.

“Google Glass is not officially launched in UAE but there are people who are using it and there a lot of tourists who bringit from their countries where it is available. Our idea is to stay ahead in terms of technology and provide the services required through all the tech channels available. We are the first city in the region to provide transport-related information through Google Glass,” Al Madani said.

Interestingly, the app also offers information about tourist spots along the way as well as around the user’s current location and the destination.

“People can book a taxi, reserve a table in a restaurant or choose a place to visit on the way,” said Al Madani.

He added that the app was launched because there is growth in the users of smart wearable devices such as glasses and watches and as part of the Dubai Smart City initiative to keep abreast with latest technologies.