A passenger takes an RTA taxi at Al Maktoum International Airport. The RTA had offered 300 taxi number plates to all taxi franchises through an auction. Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

Dubai: Nol and Credit card payment has been introduced on 20 taxis as phase one of the smart taxi programme.

Around 1,000 airport taxis will be upgraded in next two months, while the new payment system will go live on the entire fleet by mid 2015.

The upgrade has opened four payment options on taxis including cash, credit and debit cards, Nol and mobile payment.

A Dh2 service charge will be added per trip for payment through credit card and Dh1 extra will be charged per trip for Nol Payment.

All Nol cards - silver, blue and gold - will be applicable for payment, but a standard taxi fare structure will be applied.

As part of the smart taxi programme, taxi sign boards are also being replaced by digital boards on all cabs and all taxis will also be equipped with LCD screens by mid 2015.