Dubai: The D8 system allows the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to monitor and control the speed of taxis.

When a taxi driver exceeds the speed limit of 120km per hour, a recorded message is played asking for the speed to be reduced.

In cases where the driver does not comply within three minutes, the taxis’ central control room is alerted, which then communicates with the driver.

If the driver ignores the warning, the fare metre of his cab will stop working and RTA will initiate disciplinary action against the driver.

With the new system, taxi drivers will not get to choose whether or not they want to accept an assignment. The taxi nearest to the customer, who books through the dispatch centre, will be asked to go to the customer whether or not the driver wants to.

Drivers say that not allowing them to decline assignments may cause them trouble.

“If a driver is in the mosque or has stopped for a break then the customer will have to wait longer, and that may result in a complaint,” said one driver.