Dubai: An infant was among the list of lost ‘items’ left behind by passengers in taxis last year, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed on Monday.

A taxi passenger returning from the Dubai Mall to a hotel had apparently forgotten a baby in the taxi, which was later returned to the mother.

Last year, RTA call centre received 51,239 reports for lost items, surpassing complaints received in 2013, which were 48,459.

According to RTA, a significant number of lost items were located and returned to the respective owners.

Among the items lost and found are: 5,313 mobile phones, 2,983 suitcases, 1,390 wallets, 685 passports, 511 keys, 321 cameras, 303 laptops, 301 glasses, 292 expensive clothes, 267 official documents, Dh288,700, $57,230, £6,000, gold and jewellery worth Dh550,000, and other precious items worth more than Dh350,000.

Ahmad Mahboub, Director of Customers Service at the RTA, urged passengers to contact RTA Call Centre at 8009090 immediately to locate lost items.

He also called on passengers to keep their taxi fare receipts, which helps in locating lost items quickly.

The RTA has revealed that its call centre received 2,683,993 calls last year. Almost 80 per cent of these calls were responded to within 20 seconds.

Among the calls were 19,772 Madinati reports, while 20,244 transactions were completed through the call centre.

“The rising number of incoming telephone calls handled by the call centre is indicative of the interaction between the call centre and RTA customers, whose inquiries, suggestions, complaints and other requests are well attended to. It also reflects the diversity of services provided by the RTA to the public,” Mahboub said.

RTA call centre saw a 21 per cent increase in calls compared to 2013 when 2,210,298 calls were received.

Among the calls received last year, 1.16 million were related to public transport, 506,331 calls were related to licensing, 161,778 calls were relate to Rail Agency, while 156,193 calls were related to traffic and roads.