Dubai: A young motorist was arrested by Dubai Police for making deadly modifications worth Dh250,000 to his car.

The arrest comes as part of the campaign by Dubai Police to seize modified vehicles used for illegal racing.

The young driver was arrested for racing with the modified vehicle which put him and other roads users in danger. The modifications allowed the car to reach speeds of up to 350km/h. The modification allowed the motorist to use jet fuel.

The arrest was made following Dubai Police’s decision to intensify monitoring of reckless driving during Ramadan, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein said.

He said that Dubai Police have already seized 120 vehicles and are pursuing 1,700 others for causing disturbance on the road.

The erring motorist was held after a Hollywood style chase drama that involved the young man as well as several police patrols.

The young man raced off after the police patrol ordered to stop him while he was involved in a race with another car.

Ignoring the order the two cars continued the race and a chase ensued.

Al Zafein said that the motorist only slowed down when he came across speedbreakers and he turned off the car’s lights and continued driving his vehicle, which was without a registration number.

The chase ended when the motorist sped into one of the residential compounds in Al Mizhar area and tried to escape.

Though the motorist resisted arrest and fought for a while, the police finally nailed him, reported an Arabic daily.

Despite the disturbance caused by the young man the house owner refused to file a complaint against him, fearing the motorist or his friends may take revenge on him or his family.

Upon inspection the police found that the car was completely modified. Some of the modifications include a jet fuel tank, a speed enhancer, a computer used to switch the speed enhancer on and off, in addition to massive changes to the car’s body and engine, all intended to enhance the car’s speed up to 350km/h.

When the young driver was asked where the modifications were made, he stated that they were done at a garage that offers a special rate for the purpose of advertising and attracting customers.

He also stated that these garages target young men like him and that some of his friends had made modifications to their cars worth Dh300,000 that enhances their car’s speed to 400km/h.

The case is being referred to the traffic prosecution with charges of reckless driving, unlawful car modifications, expired registration and resisting police.


Writer is an intern with Gulf News