Flood water, reportedly caused by a burst pipe, near Dubai Investment Park 2. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai:Flood, reportedly caused by a burst pipe, near Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 has receded in most parts of the affected area, but the road remained closed to motorists Friday due to ongoing clearing operations.

Pools of water remain in low-lying sections near the main roundabout. Teams from the Dubai Police, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Civil Defence and other concerned authorities were on the scene to help clear roads of vehicles stuck in the flood, officials said.

DIP security personnel were stationed in the area to direct traffic.

Thick mud carried by the water settled on the road while plants on the centre island were damaged.

An official from DIP told Gulf News that they had begun clearing operations, set to be completed Friday night. He said they expected to open the road to motorists around that time.

Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the Licensing Agency at RTA and the heads of the Crisis Management Team, told Gulf News that RTA helped pump the water out, after being informed by the police on Thursday night.

“Since this is inside the investment park, no key roads have been affected. So there was not much traffic congestion,” he said.

According to witnesses, the flooding occurred around 3pm on Thursday afternoon, close to a residential area within DIP 2.

“The source of the leak doesn’t seem to be here, the water is just collected in this area,” said Rasheed, manager at a supermarket in the area.

He saw about three to four cars stuck in water, he said.

Residents, who were out at work during the flooding on Thursday, said they came home in the evening to ankle-deep flood. They said power was cut off in the area the same night.

“There was too much water here [which was] up to my ankle. We saw one lorry that was stuck as well,” Samantha, whose accommodation is right beside the flooded road, told Gulf News.

“The problem here is that there are no drainage systems here. So it really is a big problem,” Anushka, another resident, said.