Gulf News reader Benish Riaz said crowded subways require signs so that pedestrians are able to organise themselves and avoid colliding with others. She said: “We should be careful and conscious of our surrondings when in subways.” Image Credit: Benish Ria/Gulf News reader

Subways are made to provide easy passage for pedestrians.

However, I have noticed an issue in a subway on Al Arouba Street, Sharjah.

At the entry and exit points, there are sharp turns and people passing through cannot see the person on the other side — it can cause frequent collisions. This sometimes creates a very awkward situation, especially for females. If a reflective mirror is mounted on the wall at turning points, it will help people watch their step or wait.

Also, clearly marked arrows on the road in opposite directions would help. This guides pedestrians to follow their lane markings when passing through and organises the chaotic flow of people when it is crowded. We should be careful and conscious of our surroundings when in subways.

— The reader is a dental surgeon,  working in Sharjah.

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