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RTA is sending e-tickets via email or text messages for parking violations from March 28. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has stopped issuing printed tickets of parking violations in Dubai but instead sent e-tickets via email or text messages starting March 28.

The RTA said on Monday that the move is “in line with Dubai Government’s Paperless Strategy and also compatible with the precautionary measures against COVID-19 by avoiding the touching of papers”.

“It (also) contributes to financial sustainability by saving paper and printing-related costs. It fits with the smart inspection initiative where offences are issued remotely via the smart vehicle. It also respects the privacy of the client as no paper ticket will be placed at the front of the vehicle,” the RTA added.

The RTA announced on March 23: “Starting Sunday, March 28, all paper parking violations will stop, and you will receive paperless violations via SMS & email instead, in a new, more environmentally friendly way. Please make sure to update your mobile number and email in your traffic file by calling 8009090.”

New feature

Meanwhile, a new feature has been added to RTA’s website, where an image of the vehicle and a map showing the location of the offence will be displayed to the owner of the vehicle to have accurate details about the offence and its place.

As for motorists using company cars or rented cars, a new feature has been added enabling the vehicle owner (individual or company) to add the telephone number and email address of the driver, such that the offence notification can be delivered to the vehicle’s user and owner.

As for vehicles not registered in the UAE, their owners are required to register in the Notifications Feature to get ticketing notifications. Payment of parking fines for vehicles registered in other countries is now available via RTA’s website.

Parking fines

According to the RTA website, non-payment of parking tariff carries a fine of Dh150 while exceeding maximum parking hours and Exceeding parking time has a penalty of Dh100. Illegal parking and obstruction or misuse of parking facility will get a Dh200 fine while unauthorised use of special need parking has a Dh1,000 penalty. The complete list of parking violations and fines can be found on the RTA website.