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Deliveries will take place between 'drone points' in the emirate. Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixels

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Post Group (EPG) and SkyGo, an aerial logistics provider, have signed a new agreement to implement drone-powered logistics and delivery services between designated locations in Abu Dhabi. This partnership aligns with EPG’s strategic vision of a future where drone-powered delivery services transform last-mile logistics, providing speed, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

This strategic partnership coincides with the official launch of the Smart and Autonomous Vehicles Industry (SAVI) cluster in Abu Dhabi. SAVI is set to position Abu Dhabi as a global leader in the smart and autonomous vehicle industry, akin to Seattle or Toulouse, catalysing advancements across air, land, and sea domains. Echoing this vision, the strategic partnership with SkyGo underscores EPG’s efforts in supporting the country’s sustainable development goals by enabling a cutting-edge, sustainable logistics ecosystem.

Drone points

EPG envisions a seamless network of drone points, powered by SkyGo, to enhance the speed and efficiency of delivering postal items and small parcels through its postal and express business, managed by Emirates Post. This streamlined approach will significantly improve accessibility to remote areas, reduce carbon emissions and delivery times, to better serve customers and communities.

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group, stated: “As we embark on this next phase of collaboration with SkyGo, we fortify our commitment to enabling advancements within the logistics industry. Building on the success of our trials of short-range and long-range drone deliveries, we are now excited for Emirates Post to begin operating between designated spots in Abu Dhabi.”

He added: “We will closely at refining delivery routes and enhancing operational efficiency to provide drone delivery services as a commercial offering. This strategic partnership will not only optimise our delivery operations but also drive transformative change in the logistics landscape, aligning with our vision of sustainable, technology driven growth.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mohamed Al Dhaheri, Board Member at Skygo, said: “This partnership represents the future of logistics, blending cutting-edge technologies with efficiency and sustainability. As we soar over the stunning Abu Dhabi skyline, we’re not just delivering goods; we’re delivering a brighter future for this remarkable city and beyond.”

Together, EPG and SkyGo will identify strategic customers for the commercial offering of drone delivery solutions. The parties will also ensure that the drone delivery operations abide by all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to aviation and drone usage in the country. To increase the efficiency and safety of drone operations, EPG and SkyGo will work together on research and development projects pertaining to drone technology.

‘Cargo drone airline’

EPG also announced that it and Dronamics, the world’s first cargo drone airline and a leading innovator in cargo drone technology, have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to explore transformative solutions in logistics through advanced cargo drone capabilities in the UAE.

The LoI, signed during the official launch of SAVI, marks the beginning of a dynamic collaboration set to redefine cargo drone delivery in the UAE.

Under the terms of this LoI, EPG will explore and trial Dronamics’ cargo drone service to enable same-day middle-mile and long-range deliveries. Both organisations will collaborate towards developing a comprehensive cargo drone delivery network in the UAE and GCC. Once successfully piloted, EPG intends to integrate this innovative technology into its logistics network and enable access of the technology to the wider logistics industry. In addition, EPG intends to be a launch partner of the future Dronamics UAE Joint Venture to support the expansion of their cargo drone operations in the region.

Alashram said “With a shared vision of reshaping the future of the logistics sector, EPG and Dronamics are dedicated to enhancing cargo delivery speed, sustainability, and efficiency by deploying state-of-the-art drone technology. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the advancement of autonomous cargo drone transportation.”

Svilen Rangelov, CEO and Co-Founder of Dronamics, said: “Partnering with Emirates Post Group provides us with the exciting opportunity to work on our expansion to the Middle East and the UAE in particular. Through this agreement we will look to implementing our unique middle-mile cargo drone technology on the UAE market in service of EPG, its customers and its universal service mandate - an important step to achieving our vision of enabling same-day delivery for everyone everywhere.”

As part of this LoI, Emirates Post Group will enable Dronamics, through its postal and express business managed by Emirates Post, to conduct Proof-of-Concept (POC) flights in the UAE with at least one drone aircraft by 2024. The strategic partnership with Dronamics, with its advanced technologies, will support EPG’s efforts in enabling the overall delivery supply chain of logistics operations in the UAE.