Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai Image Credit: Stephan Lindeque

Dubai: Police have arrested one man and are searching for another after they were clocked going 271km/h on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, acting director of Dubai Police Traffic Department, said on Thursday that the two were believed to be racing each other when the speeds were recorded.

While one of the men was arrested, the other managed to escape.

“The two men were racing on Shaikh Zayed Road at this very dangerous speed putting their lives and other lives in danger,” he said.

He said there were a group of young men who used to drive cars not owned by them.

“Earlier one of their friends were killed in a horrific accident,” he said.

He said that those who are clocked at over 200km/h have their traffic files blocked by traffic police.

Colonel Al Mazroui said each road has a specific speed limit and exceeding the speed limit by driving at 200km/h will lead to impounding the vehicle for two months.

“A fine of Dh1,000 and of course police will block the traffic file of the offender which means cancelling the driving licences,” he said.

He added that the radars caught the men while they were racing on the road.

“Some people speed by driving over 200 kilometre per hour but those people reached the speed of 271 kilometre per hour which is very dangerous,” he said.

He warned of such careless behaviour saying such people will not be issued with a driving licence again.

“Those who obtain white points by police will win a car by the end of the year,” he said.

He said obtaining white points means the person did not commit any traffic violation for the full year.

“We will have a draw for those who have not committed any traffic violation and the winner will be given a car by police,” he said.