The parking lot has been classified into different zones. Image Credit: Sajila Saseendran/Gulf News

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Wednesday announced a Dh4 per hour around-the-clock parking fee in Al Khail Gate community, which the residents say may not guarantee enough parking spaces for their cars.

Fed up of lack of parking spaces and fines for parking violations, the residents also sought free parking for at least one car per apartment after new parking tariff was announced.

Following the Gulf News report on Wednesday about the move to make the gated community in Al Quoz a paid parking zone, the RTA issued a press release confirming the details.

maximum parking fee for a period of 24 hours

“The RTA will take over the management and operation of parking lots at Al Khail Gate Community in the second quarter of this year,” the authority said.

However, the exact date of implementation of paid parking in the community was not mentioned.

Zoning plan

“The parking lot at Al Khail Gate Community has been classified into different zones designated by clearly displayed signs as per the needs of the Community.

"Some parking spaces will be allocated to residents only, and others will be available for visitors,” said Hussain Al Banna, executive director of Traffic, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

He stated that these parking lots will be subject to tariff 24x7 once taken over by the RTA.

“The fee will be Dh4 per hour and a maximum daily fee of Dh32 per 24 hours. Seasonal parking permits will be provided to residents at different rates, depending on the validity of the permit.”

Permits: Dh2,500 per year

“Permits on offer include Dh2,500 per annum, Dh1,500 per six months, and Dh1,000 per three months. Permits will enable residents to use the entire parking zones, be it for residents or visitors,” added Al Banna.

The authority said the move is intended to streamline the use of the parking area which is witnessing high occupancy rates and provide the highest number of parking slots possible to users.

“Our primary focus is to discourage non-residential vehicles that our often parked for long periods within the community,” Al Khail Gate property management had said while revealing the shifting of the management of parking spaces to the RTA in a community announcement to the tenants.

Residents react

Many residents said they are concerned about shelling out more money to live in the community and were not convinced that paid parking would guarantee enough parking spaces for all tenants.

They also said that the management should come up with a mechanism to allot one free car parking for tenants with tenancy contracts.

‘’Many people from outside have taken flats and are subleasing them as bed spaces. I know there are 24 bachelors living in a two-bedroom flat on bed spaces and most of them have vehicles,” said one Indian man living in Phase 2 of the community.

He said there are many companies housing their employees in the community.

“Car rental companies and other companies also have their staff living here and parking their large number of vehicles here.”

Residents said they were concerned that these companies are likely to continue parking their vehicles in the community by buying the annual cards.

“In our family we have two cars. We need to shell out at least Dh5,000 per year now. This is a big burden for us," said one resident.

"But even that won’t give you an assurance of a designated parking. It will be unfair if at least one car parking is not designated for free to tenants with a tenancy contract. Or else many people will be forced to leave,” said one resident.

Residents said they were also concerned that the move will affect visits of their friends and families to their homes.

“Our guests would not prefer staying for long in our houses any more. My relatives cannot come and stay here for holidays by paying Dh32 per day,” said a woman.

A resident of phase one wondered how the community will allot the basement parking in that phase once the streets become paid parking zones.

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